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Released on 2023-03-07
Made by Panic
Download: Automatic
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Catalog is the official Playdate storefront, accessible on-device and online.

Some games are only available on Catalog or feature Catalog exclusive content such as online leaderboards, a feature exclusive to Catalog and Season One. Games on Catalog also benefit from direct to device downloads and automatic updates.

Catalog games are generally released in batches, with a new "drop" every other Tuesday at 10am Pacific time. New drops are indicated by a blinking, aqua-colored light on the Playdate.

The Catalog library is curated by Panic and developers can submit games for consideration.


Catalog Game Developer(s)
Drop 23 (February 13th, 2024)
Space Master Snask
Detective Face Chris Subagio
Pocket Math Amigos 500
Poco's Maze Adventure Akshay Patil
Drop 22 (January 30th, 2024)
Chess Trent
diction Dr Gabe O'Reilly & choosh
Easy Godding Alex May
Medial Stephen Allen
Shift II Scenic Route Software
Drop 21 (January 16th, 2024)
Hermit Matt Medal
Flinger Tom White
Paper Pilot Luke Sanderson
Crank Crawl Fabian Fischer (Ludokultur)
Taxi Trouble Powerdive Games
Drop 20 (December 19th, 2023)
Loona Landa Dale Thomas
Kuroobi Raphaël Calabro
Dash Arena LuBu
Water Flow Torsten Kramer
Trickle Greenweed Mermaid at Law
in Christmas Catastrophe
Kieran Anthony Penrice
Drop 19 (December 12th, 2023)
Under The Tree Yamabushi Softworks LLC
Mega Dystopia Micro Architect Gytis Žaltauskas
Ausbruch Klickaffen Studio - Matthias Mach
Tiny Tester Spanish Axson Apps
A Ghost in the Gallery Ledbetter Games
Drop 18 (December 5th, 2023)
Under the Castle Dani Diez, ZCorbs, VolcanoBytes
Fore! Track Matt Sephton
Steam'd Roller Chris Campbell
F-out DrouVirus
Crank and Shoot! HiroshiIdenoPresents
Drop 17 (November 21st, 2023)
YOYOZO Matt Sephton
Chew Chew Mimic Lowtek Games
Nightingale Kodiak Games
Ljudbilden Erik Sigth
Drop 16 (November 7th, 2023)
SpaceRat Miner Starjuice
Jezzak Optimal Prime Futureworks LLC
Ship Shape Highly Integrated Gay Hijinks
The Fall of Elena Temple GrimTalin
Block Buster Dardoyle
Drop 15 (October 24th, 2023)
Lillybug Scenic Route Software
Sketch, Share, Solve RDK
HANA Spacetime Fantasy KINGOFSHIBUYA Ltd.
Quest For The X intellikat
GlagStone vtr0n
Drop 14 (October 10th, 2023)
Blocky Balloons Brando
You're Gonna Miss The Bus Scenic Route Software
Platform 10 Gabe O'Reilly
Reel-istic Fishing ToadleyUnderControl
Tau Gareth Williams
Drop 13 (September 26th, 2023)
Pulpergeist Crandaddy
CrankShaft Toobuu
You Cannot Go Back Tim Martin
Pikki Rikki cole+ games
Castle Tintagel Pixelated Opus LLC
Drop 12 (September 12th, 2023)
Resonant Tale Orange Thief Ltd
Pulse Andrew Palmer
Slitherlink PD Sp*ecial Games
IFO Total Battery
Life's too Short: A Christmas Spirit Pixel Ghost
Drop 11 (September 5th, 2023)
Doink! Mostly Bits
The Keyper Cool Lemon Club
Four Corners Scenic Route Software
Halfway to Dawn Andrea Baroni
Life's 2 Short: Unhooked Pixel Ghost
PAX (August 31st, 2023)
Quantum Phantom Basketball BRENDA ARTS
Drop 10 (August 15th, 2023)
The Tartine's Show Flying Oak Games
Crash Mole Kait Sousa
Soko Tijn Kersjes
PlayDice Largemann
Crank Tanks Ethan Nicholas
Drop 9 (August 1st, 2023)
The Lushes Land SN-Studios
Factory Farming Tim Martin
To Dust Cadin Batrack
Smolitaire Twenty Minute Mile
The Crank Gym fatnose games
Ribbit Rabbit Special! Kieran Anthony Penrice
Drop 8 (July 18th, 2023)
Gun Trails Yoyogi Games
Kicooya MP3 Abeno Studio
Possessions Moonbeam Games
CodeWordPlay Mike Suszek
Drop 7 (July 5th, 2023)
Mash Gadget Bipedal Dog
Cranky Bird Jerry Verhoeven
Bomber Panda Rob Seto-Patchett
Clash Cards Dardoyle
DYG Burgess Voshell
Drop 6 (June 20th, 2023)
P-Racing Risolvi Productions
Pocket Planner Hydra Softworks
Greed Scenic Route Software
Stars of the Screen Mouflon Cloud
Treasure Chasers crait
Drop 5 (June 6th, 2023)
Snoik! Ash K, published by
The Barkless Doctrine Neven Mrgan
Shift Scenic Route Software
Playtime Adams Immersive
PlayDaPon Lonely Star Software
Drop 4 (May 23rd, 2023)
Generations Scenic Route Software
Loopsy Paul
Along Came a Spider fatnose games
Castle Helios Patrick Witmer
Drop 3 (May 9th, 2023)
Time From Earth Pixel Ghost
Legend of Etad Gareth Williams
Spike II: The Great Emu War Goloso Games
Post Hero Scenic Route Software
Drop 2 (April 25th, 2023)
Shadow Gadget
Shining Gadget
Bub-O Collect Gabboco Games
A Balanced Brew Robert Curry
Skwish Pawprints
ART&.. More Ledbetter Games
Drop 1 (April 11th, 2023)
Core Fault SquidGod and davemakes
Gravity Express Nino van Hooff
Sparrow Solitaire Mac & Matt
Life's Too Short Pixel Ghost
Crankulator Dustin Mierau
Launch Lineup (March 7th, 2023)
CARVE JR. Chuhai Labs
Direct Drive DACvector
Playmaker Dustin Mierau
Skew Oiffy
Swap Machina NaOH & Zion D. Hill
Grand Tour Legends IORAMA
Bloom RNG Party Games
The Botanist Cadin Batrack
Tapeworm Disco Puzzle lowtek Games, Itd
Down the Oubliette RDK
A Joke That's Worth $0.99 kamibox
Reel Steal Sweet Baby Inc.
Recommendation Dog Sweet Baby Inc.
Hidey Spot Neven Mrgan
Word Trip Shaun Inman


Games known to be coming soon to Catalog.

Catalog Game Developer(s) Release Date
Oom Gregory Kogos Releases February 20th, 2024[1]
Pullfrog AMANO Releases February 20th, 2024[2]
ICARUS+ Matt Sephton Releases February 2024[3]
Playbook Idrees Releases March 2024[4]
Chopter Copter Sad Folks Interactive Release date TBD[5]
What the Crow?! Lumi Release date TBD[6]
PXLSketch PXLBOTS Release date TBD[7]
Orrery robotinker Release date TBD[8]
STARHACK Powerdive Games Release date TBD[9]
Faraway Fairway Hedgehog Dreams Releases Q1 2024[10]
Sound Mind Chuck Jordan Releases 2024[11]
Mars After Midnight Lucas Pope Release date TBD[12]


On May 23rd, 2023, alongside Drop 4, Collections were added as a means to group games together based on common factors such as engine, release status, gameplay or themes, and genre.

Collection Name Description Notes
Season One Not a part of Catalog's front-page on device. Lists all of the titles in Season One.
Catalog Launch Titles Added May 23, 2023, removed from front-page Nov 24, 2023.
Puzzle Games Added Jun 6, 2023, removed from front-page Sep 12, 2023 with the introduction of Genres.
Pulp Hits Did you know you can make your own game in Pulp right now? Using a little code, or no code! Added Jun 6, 2023. Titled "Pulp Games" until Oct 25, 2023.
Coming Soon Upcoming Playdate games. Wishlist them today! Added Jun 10, 2023, alongside Playdate's spot in the Future of Play Direct. This collection hosts currently-unreleased titles.
Quick Plays Added Jun 20, 2023. This collection is permanently accessible from the Genre nav-bar on web.
Action Added Aug 15, 2023, removed from front-page Sep 12, 2023 with the introduction of Genres.
Staff Picks Our Playdate favorites. Added Sep 12, 2023. This collection is permanently accessible from the Genre nav-bar on web.
Spooooooooky Spoopy, spooky, and downright scary Playdate games featured for Halloween 2023. Added Oct 23, 2023, removed from front-page Nov 7, 2023.
🔥 Soundtracks Excellent game music Added Nov 21, 2023.
Staff Picks 2023 Panic editors' favorite Playdate games of 2023. Added Dec 12, 2023, removed from front-page Jan 16, 2024.
Great Stories Story-centric games Added Jan 30, 2024.


Catalog was announced on the Early 2022 Playdate Update, and officially launched on March 7th, 2023 alongside Playdate Update #3.


  • Scenic Route Software has published the most games on Catalog with Post Hero, Generations, Shift, Greed, Four Corners, You're Gonna Miss the Bus!, Lillybug, and Shift II.
  • Drops 7, 11, and 19 are the only drops so far to not follow the usual release pattern. Drop 7 was pushed from July 4th (a national holiday) to the 5th, Drop 11 was delayed from August 29th to September 5th due to PAX, and Drop 19 was moved between December's two scheduled drops to anticipate Panic's holiday break.
  • The Lushes Land was originally meant to be released in Catalog alongside Drop 8, but wasn't able to be included in time due to last-minute legal/financial complications[13]. It was placed into the Coming Soon group temporarily, and officially released in Drop 9.
  • Faraway Fairway, Quantum Phantom Basketball, Oom, and Pullfrog were all funded by Panic.
  • Panic-published Playdate titles are typically released on their own, outside of any drops. Quantum Phantom Basketball was released on August 31st, 2023 due to its spotlight at the PAX West event, and Oom & Pullfrog were both released on February 20th, 2024.