Life's Too Short

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Life's Too Short logo
Released on 2023-04-11
Made by Pixel Ghost
Download: Catalog,

From the Catalog page:

In Life's Too Short, you take on the role of a celestial problem-solver as you're tasked with repairing a rift between two vampires who have dramatically fallen out and confined themselves to their respective coffins...

You'll need to explore the mansion, meet various spooky characters and solve simple puzzles in order to put the mansion back together and mend the rift in the vampires' relationship!

Please note: The little game does not have a save function and takes roughly 30 mins to play. I'm hoping that as you progress and learn the puzzle solutions that if you need to come back you can quickly speed back through but please keep this in mind in-case you lock and unlock your Playdate mid-play as you'll need to start again.

  • Ollie Coe made the game
  • Ben Perry (Beanpear) made the awesome ending music
  • Abbie came up with the name (And some decent ideas)
  • The Playdate Discord community are amazing
  • SquidGodDev taught me most of what I know about Pulp and game development