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  • Make an account and log in - see the top right of this page.
  • Search the title of your game in the search bar. You'll get a bolded red link with your title - if you've spelt it right, click it to create the page.
  • Edit the page as you will with details - a description, a link to the game, a screenshot or two.
  • Add this line of text at the bottom of the page:
  • This will allow your new page to show up in the Sideloaded category.
  • Catalog games can be separately categorised.

Adding a sidebar

If you want a fancy sidebar like on the official Games pages, use the following line at the top of your page:

  • You will need to change the info inbetween the brackets. The following are what the individual fields do. Make sure they're seperated by the vertical line (|).
    • Infobox: Required for the wiki to know it's the sidebar you want. Don't touch it.
    • logohere.png: Upload an image using the link on the left sidebar of the wiki, then put the file name once the file is uploaded in this space to change the image displayed.
    • datehere: Change this to the release date of your game or application.
    • developerhere: Put your name in this box.
    • linkhere: Put a link to your game download. You can use the Upload File link on the right if the game is less than 5MB, otherwise, use another source (we recommend
    • sizehere: Put text describing how big your game is (320KB, 8MB, 2.4GB, etc).
  • If you need an example, go and edit any of the official Games pages to see the top line's infobox.

Adding an image gallery

If you want a fancy image gallery like on the Pulp page, copy and paste this into your page:

<br clear="all">
<gallery mode=slideshow>
  • Upload all of your image files via the Upload file link on the left sidebar first. One at a time. Be sure to note the file name for every image.
  • Don't touch the first and last line. If you do, the gallery won't work.
  • For all the lines inbetween, the ones that end in .png, change the lines to the filenames of the files you uploaded.
  • You can have more than four images - just continue adding new lines between the first and last line with more file names.

Adding genres

Add any of the following lines to the bottom of the game page to add them to a genre: