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Welcome to the Playdate community wiki!


Discover Playdate

  • Playdate - Learn everything you need to know about the tiny yellow handheld.
  • Season One - Discover the 24 free titles included with every Playdate.
  • Catalog - Browse the many games and applications available on Playdate Catalog.
  • Upcoming - Get excited for new games and applications coming soon to Playdate.
  • Developing for Playdate - Dive into helpful resources for developers of all abilities.
  • Soundtracks - Listen to some great music from your favourite Playdate games.
  • Community Content - Jump into the community, from award shows to zines.

Featured Games

2023 Community Awards

2022 Community Awards

At the request of Panic, this wiki is being run independently.
Please note, this remains a work in progress. Spoilers are unmarked.