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P-Racing logo
Released on 06/20/2023
Made by Risolvi Productions
Download: Catalog
82 MB

A racing game that uses the "Mode 7" technique (pseudo-3D graphics).

P-Racing race start.png

Game modes

P-Racing has 5 game modes:

  • Race
  • Time Trial
  • Missions
  • Challenges
  • Arena


P-Racing race screen.png

Race on track versus 4 CPU-controlled opponents. 3 laps, 3 difficulties available (Easy, Medium, Pro).

Time Trial

P-Racing time trial.png

Practice on the tracks and beat the fastest lap time.


P-Racing missions intro.png

Complete missions in a full-size city with simulated traffic and buildings.


A list of achievements to be completed playing the game.


P-Racing Arena.gif

Soccer mode.

Tracks list

Tracks list
Name Icon Screenshot Description
Track 0
P-Racing track 0 icon.png
P-Racing track-0 screen.png
Classic race track used in the early game prototype / development.
P-Racing alps icon.png
P-Racing alps screen.png
Mountain track inspired by the Alps landscape.
Night City
P-Racing night city icon.png
P-Racing nigh city screen.png
A city track at night with buildings and realistic street lights.
Palm Beach
P-Racing palm beach icon.png
P-Racing palm beach screen.png
Beach track with palms, sea and summer vibes.
Construction Site
P-Racing const site icon.png
P-Racing const site screen.png
A track set in a construction site with cranes, cones and bulldozers.
Int. Circuit
P-Racing int circuit icon.png
P-Racing int circuit screen.png
Race track entirely surrounded by trees.
P-Racing almonte icon.png
P-Racing almonte screen.png
A track inspired by a south american village.
Old Town
P-Racing old town icon.png
P-Racing old town screen.png
City track set in a fictional european old town.

Photo mode

P-Racing photo mode.gif

P-Racing includes a Photo mode callable from the Playdate menu.


P-Racing replay 1.gif

Save and watch race replays.


P-Racing controls.png

There are 3 controls settings available:

  • Regular
  • Crank to steer
  • Crank to accelerate

Crank sensitivity is adjustable in the settings.


Accessibility: P-Racing provides multiple different control methods, a way to adjust crank sensitivity, and also an option to auto-accelerate.