Legend of Etad

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Legend of Etad logo
Released on 2022-09-23
Made by Gareth Williams
Download: CartalogItch.io
55.3 MB

A first-person dungeon crawler for Playdate in the vein of classics such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. Expect lots of environments to explore, enemies to defeat, weapons and items and magic to wield, and puzzles to solve!

Etad is an arcade adventure/exploration game crafted around the limitations of the Playdate. You won't get bothered with stats, inventory tetris or party management; instead expect pick-up-and-play hack'n'slash dungeon crawling with light puzzles and combat.

Every dungeon in Legend of Etad is unique and hand-crafted, with distinct art and game mechanics, and are linked together by outdoor "hub" areas. Each new area you discover will feel different from the last.