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Released on 2022-07-10
Made by Scenic Route Software
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Greed is a dice game for one to four players using six six-sided die. The goal of the game is to reach 10,000 Points before anyone else, and maintain that lead during the Final Round to achieve Victory.

Strategy, fate, luck, and a willingness to take risks are all at play. The Greedier you are, the better you may do. Or it could all come crashing down.

Features: Pass and Play Local multiplayer for two to four players.

Versus Playdate: You against an overly confident AI.

Stats: Your glorious win percentages in Versus Playdate mode, preserved for posterity.

Cruel Mode: Adds an extra element of risk to the game. Bust and you'll lose your running score from your total score.

Custom Names: Don't want to be called Player One? Enter your own names for players.

5K Games: Play to 5,000 Points for a quicker game.

In-game Tutorial: Learn to play the game without reading this entire page!