Time From Earth

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Time From Earth logo
Released on 2022-07-07
Made by Olliecoe
Download: Catalog, Itch.io

The year is 2052...Following the Global Peace Treaty and formation of the Global Space Agency, Physis 5 is on a mission to discover our next home...

As the newbie, you'll be meeting the crew and helping out where you can as you search for a planet suitable for sustaining human life whilst Earth recovers...

Time From Earth is a narrative adventure game where you'll:

  • Experience a day-to-day system, speaking to everyone & completing tasks and at the end of the day, head back to the accommodation to start the next day
  • Play through simple mini-games to help maintain the ship
  • Learn about what's happened in the 30 years between now and flight of Physis 5
  • Uncover a mystery onboard the ship...
  • The game features a simple save system which records which day you're on at the end of each day. So it's advised to finish a day before quitting...

Overall, each day takes 5-10 minutes with the game lasting just over an hour. So it's snackable or bingeable!