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Soko logo
Released on 2023-02-20
Made by Tijn Kersjes
Download: Catalog, Itch
295.2 KB

A teeny Sokoban for Playdate, packed with over 400 puzzles and the ability to load your own levels!


  • Over 400 puzzles included
  • Add your own level packs
  • Tracks your moves and pushes stats
  • Undo/redo with buttons or crank
  • 7 playable characters to unlock
  • Watch replays of your solutions

Adding Extra Level Packs

Put your Playdate device in Disk Disk mode (Home › Settings › System › Reboot to Data Disk) and navigate to the PLAYDATE/Data/*****.soko/levels/ folder. Place your custom level packs (in the common SOK format) here and unmount your Playdate when done. Next, open Soko and open the import level menu from the level selection screen. Scroll down to the file you want to load and press A to add the new pack to the list of levels.

Catalog Exclusive Content

The Catalog version of the game features an extra playable character where you can play as the Playdate console.