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Reel-istic Fishing logo
Released on 2023-08-07
Made by ToadleyUnderControl
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Fishing gameplay is similar to Ridiculous Fishing, but with a different spin to make it work well on Playdate!

Control the hook by strafing left and right to catch (or avoid!) fish, and turn the crank to control the speed of your ascent. Keep an eye out for your line strength, and be careful not to catch too many fish and snap the line!

Upon reaching the surface, the fish will fly into the sky, and the harpooning phase will begin.

During harpooning, you will fire your harpoon in a straight line from your boat, and skewer fish! Hit multiple fish in one shot to multiply their value.


When not fishing, you'll be travelling on the open waters of the Reel-istic Seas! From here you can visit your home, the shop, the lighthouse or the tutorial island.


In the shop, you can talk to the friendly shopkeep Bubbles! You can buy equipment upgrades from the shopkeep to improve your hook strafe, reel speed, or even take you deeper into the ocean.


  • Equipping and using the magnet hook will help to pull in nearby fish from a larger radius.
  • There is a secret pong game mode involving the combination of a hook and a tackle.
  • Some fish can only be caught at specific times of the day. Make sure you check you Finciclopedia for some tips!
  • Check the settings menu in your Finciclopedia for some new ways to play!


In the players "FINCICLOPEDIA" (page 117) there is a This can be accessed by hitting the right d-pad while not fishing or by going to the Fishermans house and accessing the Journal there.

Here the player can change settings and enable Accessibility Settings which include...

  • Coral Multiplier - The amount of money earned per fishing run can be modified in increments of 0.25 from a x0.25 multiplier to a x2.5
  • Line Strength - Can be toggled between "Normal" (the line can break) and "Infinite" (the fishing line can never break)
  • Fast Travel - When toggled on, the player will be automatically transported to the fishing spot without having to row your boat.
  • Veggie Vision - Changes every single fish sprite in the game into a new vegetable fruit or nut sprite.

Note: Veggie Vision makes it so that every entry in the Finciclopedia has a new veggie version to catch, meaning there are over 200+ different fish to catch!

Reel-istic Fishing also features control alternatives from using the crank such as using the D-Pad to reel in line and moving the harpoon using the D-pad.


  • Development began early January 2023.
  • The original release window was for February, but scope creep pushed this to August! This game is a lot bigger than originally planned.
  • There was never meant to be a storyline!
  • While out on the open sea, there is a 1/3,000,000 every frame to spawn a cow.

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