Blocky Balloons

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Blocky Balloons logo
Released on 2023-02-20
Made by Brando
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Blocky Balloons is a "sokoban-style" puzzle game that combines simple mechanics in brain-teasing ways. Push, slide, and logic your way through a world of blocky puzzles to get those balloons!


  • 40+ puzzles, with autosaves. A full playthrough can take 1.5~3+ hours, depending on your experience with puzzle games.
  • Goofy little cosmetics
  • 8+ beepy boopy music tracks


  • D-pad to move
  • A button to undo your last move (up to 30)
  • B button to bring up the in-game menu

Quotes from The People:

  • "Absolutely impressed by the depth, simplicity, and fun!"
  • "An incredibly charming and thoughtful puzzler."
  • "The puzzles are very creative and have a good difficulty progression ... I think this is my favourite Playdate game so far!"