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Released on 2022-07-07
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NECROCRISIS is an on-rails fight for your life through a graveyard full of unimaginable horrors. Crank up your state-of-the-art gatling gun and blast through undead hordes to save the world from zombification.

Not long ago, in a town not so far from yours, the dead rose to devour the flesh of the living. Compelled by an ancient curse, the vile undead have loosed a tide of terror that threatens to drown the world in blood. In a time of unthinkable wickedness, an ex-mil family man by the name of Gordon Atling will take up arms and brave certain death to save his country. But he won’t be doing it alone; armed with his trust M268 twenty-barrel rotary machine gun and more ammo than you can shake a severed arm at, he’s ready to give the devil his due.


A frantic battle for supremacy between the living and the dead! Crank the crank to rev up your colossal minigun and destroy the undead menace! Keep your health and ammunition bars in mind at all times, and manage what few resources you have in your final stand against the horde! Harness the power of humanity in our darkest hour, and crank for your life to save your home from certain death!


NECROCRISIS features hand drawn art to set the scene for an apocalypse unlike any other. Feel the heat of your M268 as it spits 2,500 rounds per minute as you wade through the warm pools of zombie gore you create in your wake. The signature style will have you looking over your shoulder for shambling undead long after you've powered down your Playdate.