Under The Tree

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Under The Tree logo
Released on 2023-12-12
Made by Yamabushi Softworks LLC
Download: Catalog
8.2 MB

Under The Tree® is a first-person dungeon crawl inspired by the original Wizardry first released on the Apple ][, simplified to suit the screen and controls of the Playdate.

Game Features

Battle over two dozen unique monsters as you penetrate deeper and deeper into Ugnet's Dungeon, leveling up, learning new Spells, and becoming more powerful in the process.

Find gold, ingredients and items you can trade in four different shops up in the Luskwood Tree to buy or upgrade Armor, Helmets, Shields, Swords, Scrolls, Potions and Vials.

Discover Arcade Tokens throughout the Dungeon, each unlocking access to one of the nine mini-games in Ugnet's Arcade.