Grand Tour Legends

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Grand Tour Legends logo
Released on 2023-01-15
Made by IORAMA
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39.6 MB

Grand Tour Legends is a crank-operated arcade racing game. Spin those pedals and battle 19 other riders across the tour. Experience the thrill of hurtling down the alpine countryside after an exhausting climb. Feel the ocean breeze as you sweep along the coastline. Work out the perfect strategy on each track, save energy to crank it when you need it!
-IORAMA's game page[1]


Race across 3 stages using one of three characters. The characters have different stats, with one having equal stamina and speed, the second choice favoring stamina over speed and the third character favoring speed over stamina.


Each course has three medals that to obtain. The left most medal is for never "bonking" (never running out of stamina). The right most medal is for never being overtaken (no other riders passing you). The middle medal is for "hammer," which is when you pass a rider who's on a previous lap. For the hammer medal, you will be in first place and overtake the slowest rider on your third lap. The time needed for the hammer medal on each course are:

Castle Hill: 02:26
Alpine Pass: 03:00
Ocean Breeze:


  • A to select.
  • B to go back a menu.
  • Crank to pedal.



Each character has a set amount of stamina. As you pedal, the stamina bar lowers. If the stamina bar is empty, then your character "bonks." When this happens, the screen fades to white and you are not able to pedal until the stamina bar replenishes. You will continue forward with the momentum you had at the time and slow down due to drag. If you bonk on a decline, then gravity will also keep the player moving.


You can get a boost by timing the moment you start pedaling at the beginning of the race. This will be signaled by the cyclist flashing black and white.

You will also get a boost while coasting downhill when your speed matches the speed you were going when you stopped pedaling. Going downhill, gravity will acelerate you; however, once you stop pedaling, you slow down due to drag. Once the deceleration has brought you back to your entry speed, the cyclist will flash black and white signaling that it is time to resume pedaling. The gears of the bike making a ticking sound as you are coasting; the slowdown of this ticking sound acts as an audio cue for when to resume cycling.