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Shift logo
Released on 2022-06-15
Made by Scenic Route Software
Download: Catalog,

Shift is a deceptively simple match-four game for Playdate that requires a little strategy, a small amount of luck and occasionally a deep breath and a fingers-crossed gamble.

Your task, with the help of a droid named SAM-Y, is to shift tiles around a grid to get an entire row or column to be the same color.

Maintain your energy, make efficient moves, and enjoy a meditative, relaxing game designed with the Playdate’s casual nature in mind.


  • Global leader boards
  • Four local player profiles, each with their own high scores and saves.
  • Top 10 best scores across local player profiles.
  • In-game how-to-play.


  • Programming, Design and Art: S.G. Chipman

Catalog Exclusive Content

This game features an online leaderboard that is exclusive to the Catalog version of the game.