Spike II: The Great Emu War

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Spike II: The Great Emu War logo
Released on 2022-08-11
Made by Goloso Games
Download: Catalog, Itch.io

From the Catalog page:

He is back.

The emus are at the gates of CatTown. The cat army is overwhelmed by the number of feathered soldiers, the felines will soon become... an endangered species.

General Mittens has no other choice: he must call the legendary Spike to the rescue.

Equipped with your minigun, try to survive the horde of emus who will do their best to catch you. As General Mittens used to say: "You are our last hope, Spike!"

Goloso Games - Code/Art

Philip Aldous - Music

Daniele Giardini - Key Art

Physical Edition

The physical edition comes in a box that has dimensions of 20mm x 96mm x 140mm. Included in the box is an instruction booklet with minicomic, a Spike II pin, a Sticker that features the box art, a sticker sheet of four power ups, and a sticker that has the box art for their game Inspector Waffles.

The price of the physical edition was $20USD not including shipping.

When purchasing the physical copy, the developer would provide a key for the game on Itch.io.

The physical edition can be obtained from the developers website.