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Crankulator logo
Released on 2023-04-11
Made by Dustin Mierau
Download: Catalog

From the Catalog page:

The crank operated digital talking calculator for Playdate.

Crank-in numbers and fractions with precision using the Playdate's 360º crank. Quickly access common math operators with the Playdate's directional pad or advanced functions through the function menu. Use memory functions to store and recall results later in your work. And finally, have Crankulator speak (yes, speak!) your calculations back to you.

Be it advanced calculations at work or school to calculating the tip at lunch, let Crankulator be your mathemagical companion on Playdate.


  • Crank: Turn your Playdate's crank clockwise or counter clockwise to enter bigger or smaller values.
  • Speak: That's right, Crankulator has a futuristic synthetic voice that loves to talk numbers.
  • Memory: Store, load, and reset your work in Crankulator.
  • Math: Beyond the basics, Crankulator has dozens of built-in scientific and programmer friendly functions.
  • Secrets: a hidden portal?

Designed and built for Playdate by Dustin Mierau.