Core Fault

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Core Fault logo
Released on 2023-03-15
Made by SquidGod, davemakes
Download: Catalog,

From the Catalog page:

Control a remote operated mining droid to mine the planet's most valuable resource: Cores. But, beware - the inhabitants don't take too lightly to their home being excavated. Use crank operated movement to weave around enemies, collect Cores, and dig deeper into the fault.

Each level you dig brings options of equipment and upgrades. Install accessories that give you damaging attacks or boost your stats to try and get deeper and deeper in each run.

Collect Cores, try to get as deep as you can, and use your hard earned resources to unlock upgrades. Send your upgraded droid down again to get further! Repeat and hone your skills in this addicting, survivors-like game loop.

  • Code by SquidGod and davemakes
  • Art and Music by davemakes