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Released on 2023-11-21
Made by Matt Sephton
Download: Catalog

Store Page Description

From the Catalog page:

You control a space yoyo—a small ring-shaped spaceship that is attached to a larger ball by an elastic beam. By moving the ring you stretch the elastic and can gracefully guide the ball in a cosmic ballet.

Your task? Grab the stars, one by one, in order. Easy. And there's more! Once you get the hang of things, you'll uncover additional layers of depth in the gameplay and scoring systems. In no time at all you'll be pulling off fancy moves at high speed—pro style! To reach the top of the leaderboard you'll need speed, skill, and strategy.

Are you ready to become the ultimate YOYOZO pilot? The stars are waiting, and it's your time to shine!


  • Easy to pick up
  • Hard to put down
  • Real physics simulation
  • Deep scoring system
  • Dynamic sfx and music
  • Custom digital music (optional)
  • Online scores
  • Tiny file size
  • Downloadable game manual


  • A game by Matt Sephton
  • With music by Jamie Hamshere


  • CANO-Lab
  • Playdate Squad Testers

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