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CARVE JR. logo
Released on 2023-01-15
Made by Chuhai Labs
Download: Catalog

Hit the slopes like never before in the all new Carve Jr! This pint sized prequel packs a punch! Use the crank to perform pinpoint accurate, death defying, nonstop gnar action. Chain tricks together to fight your way up the leaderboard and prove your salt. Just don’t let those pesky trees, rocks, and narc skiers be a buzzkill!

  • Steer and flip your boarder with the Crank!
  • Original soundtrack that pushes the limits of the playdate!
  • Perform classic tricks like grabs, grinds, and more!
  • Prequel to Carve Snowboarding on the Meta Quest!
  • All the snark from commentator Carve Edgerton!

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