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Whitewater Wipeout logo
Released on 02/19/2021
Made by Chuhai Labs
Download: Season One, Week 1
20.6 MB.

Crank it yo! Master the waves and hang ten in Whitewater Wipeout! This wave crashing, high score chasing, crank-tastic experience is inspired by the classic California Games.
-Whitewater Wipeout's game page[1]

Whitewater Wipeout is a game developed by Chuhai Labs.


An image of the start of a round in Whitewater Wipeout, with the surfer waiting to ride the wave.

In this game, you use the crank to control a radical surfer on a board, attempting to ride the wave. Riding up into the air, performing tricks, and maintaining combos gives the player points, as well as more speed for the next jump.

Experience surfing in an innovative new way while performing sick tricks using the Playdate's unique crank. Perform daring 360’s, gnarly DOUBLE 360s all while avoiding the shark. Will you rise in the ranks of the global leaderboards or fall prey to the wave?
-Whitewater Wipeout's game page[1]


An animated sequence of the surfer pulling off a 360 in Whitewater Wipeout.

Turning the crank controls the surfer, and angles them to the direction of the crank. You can perform tricks by surfing up into the air above the wave. Spinning the crank quickly in a circle while in the air will perform a 360, which rewards 10 points upon sticking the landing - but will reward no points (plus a life lost) if you don't land correctly.
Correctly performing multiple 360s in a row will reward more points upon landing, the amount of points depending on the number of 360s fully completed. The amount of points given are as follows:

Double 360 - 100
Triple 360 - 1000
Quadruple 360 - 5000
Quintuple 360 - 10000

Performing any 360 above a double starts a combo, which must be maintained by performing the same trick or greater multiple times in succession. For each combo, the initial score is multiplied by the current streak, maxing out at 5 times the base score. Then, 1 point is added for every meter (30px on-screen) the surfer makes it above the wave at his peak. Hitting a bird that's flying in the air performs a "Bird Up" trick, which multiplies the final score again by 2.
Missing the landing onto the wave, surfing past the bottom of the screen, accidentally hitting the shark, or letting the wave catch up to the surfer loses a life. The player has three lives - after all are lost, the game is over and the score across all three lives is tallied up.


The d-pad can be used to fine-tune your surfer's movements in-game. Pressing up immediately upon surfing into the air pushes your surfboard up, which results in increased height overall - a beeping sound indicates when the trick is correctly performed. In the air, pressing left or right will quickly snap the board 90º clockwise or counter-clockwise, which can help to recover a botched landing if used strategically.
Performing multiple 360s consistently and maintaining a high combo is a great way to improve your score.


• The game was made as a spiritual successor to the surfing minigame in California Games[2].

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