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Released on 2023-10-10
Made by Gabe O'Reilly
Download: Catalog

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Every train carriage in Sydney is given a 4 digit long carriage number. Back in the day, me and some mates of mine had a game where you'd have to take those numbers and make 10 out of em; using whatever math function you could think of. 5290? (9x0)+(5x2) = 10, Easy.

As it turns out, we were not that creative. ~400million trips are made on the Sydney rail network a year, and just about every commuter seems to have independently had the same idea (sometimes with some slight rule variations). At this point, its become a bit of a folk game within New South Wales.

And so I decided to bring the game to the Playdate - while trying to keep the vibes tied to the city it came from.


  • Regular play mode: see how fast you can complete 10 trains
  • The Daily Commute: a daily rotating game mode
  • 20 achievements!
  • Global scoreboards to see how you stack up to the rest of the world!
  • 1-bit pixel art aesthetics based on the sights of the Sydney Rail network

This game was apart of Catalog Drop 14


  • D-Pad - used to move across the calculator buttons
  • A-button - Used to select the highlighted button on the calculator
  • Crank - After a full revolution, will provide a hint. After a second revolution will solve the puzzle.


Platform 10 includes a hint system to help players who may be having trouble solving the math puzzle. Hints can be accessed by turning the crank one revolution. Puzzles can also be solved/skipped after turning the crank one more revolution.



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