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Smolitaire logo
Released on 2022-04-19
Made by Twenty Minute Mile
Download: Catalog,

Choose from 3 games:

Klondike- the classic. Stack alternating color cards in piles, uncover all the flipped cards, and sort them into their suits.

Spiderette- A one-deck spider solitaire variation for smaller screens. Uncover and sort as much as you can before having to reveal the next wave of cards.

Yukon- carefully jockey unordered stacks of cards by moving them into ordered piles.

Built for the Playdate

  • Built using the Playdate SDK
  • Original graphics and fonts designed specifically for the hardware
  • Grab multiple cards by pressing A multiple times, or grab a whole handful by holding the A button.
  • Tidy up the board by using the crank to move cards into their top piles!


  • A Button
    • Menu Select
    • Add card to hand
    • Deposit cards in a pile
    • Hold to pick up many cards
  • B Button
    • Menu Back
    • Cancel current action
    • Hold to undo moves during gameplay
  • Crank (not required to play the game)
    • Automatically move cards from piles into the winning foundations