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Orrery logo
Released on 2022-05-29
Made by Robotinker
Download: itch.io

Orrery is a solar system simulator that uses actual planetary data to show you where the planets were or will be on specific dates! Includes astrological mode, moon phases, save system, and hackable orbital parameters that give you total control.


  • Scientific mode: a 3D view with realistic orbits
  • Diagrammatic mode: a simple, compass-like view of the solar system
  • Astrological mode, including:
    • Zodiac annotation
    • Retrograde planet detection
    • Lunar phase
  • Controls for easily jumping forward or backward in time by decades or centuries at a time, and the ability to jump to the current date as well
  • A save system for bookmarking specific dates
  • Delightful sound effects!