You're Gonna Miss The Bus

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You're Gonna Miss The Bus logo
Released on 2023-Oct-10
Made by Scenic Route Software
Download: Catalog,

Meet Henry.

Henry is running late for school ... again.

YGMTB is an endless runner where you play as a kid trying to make it to the bus on time. Jump, double jump, and slide your way past delivery bots, tree branches, couches, cats, drones, bollards, garden gnomes (non-feral) and myriad other obstacles.


  • Normal, One-Shot and Practice Modes.
  • 30 achievements to earn.
  • Four local player profiles, each with their own high scores and achievements.
  • Online leader boards in the Catalog version.
  • Lifetime stats.
  • Cameos from the Playdate Cinematic Universe!
  • Innovative, industry leading support for both metric and imperial systems of measurement.


  • Art, Programming, & Music: S.G. Chipman
  • Thanks to Clara, Emre, Kate, Mike, Sree, Mac, Ryan, Don, Matt, Nina, George, Dylan and Ollie.