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These are the games that are available as part of Playdate's first season of games, which will be distributed at a rate of two per week when a Playdate is first powered on.

Their overall size totals about 1.1GB - with the total size of the Playdate's memory being 4GB, you'll have room for more games with the entire Season installed.

Season 1 Game Developer(s) More Information
Week 1
Whitewater Wipeout Chuhai Labs Crank it yo! Master the waves and hang ten in Whitewater Wipeout! This wave crashing, high score chasing, crank-tastic experience is inspired by the classic California Games.
Casual Birder Diego Garcia You’ve just moved into a birdwatcher’s paradise… At least it used to be, before some bad eggs moved in and shoved the competition out of the nest. Can a fledgling photographer like you make a mark in the cut-throat world of hobby bird photography?
Week 2
Boogie Loops May-Li Khoe
and Andy Matuschak
Imagine if a panda, a bunny, a cactus, and a pizza wandered out into the woods, looking for new friends to dance with. They’re overjoyed to find each other, and have big dreams and a broad range of booties to shake. But there’s a problem. They don’t yet have music to dance to, and they have no way to be seen by the world. That’s where you come in.
Crankin's Time Travel Adventure uvula Crankin loves taking naps, but that is always the cause of more trouble. Being late to work or missing flights, and today he woke from a nap at the exact time he was supposed to meet a date. Advance or rewind Crankin's timeline. Hurry to the meeting place where your loved one, Crankette, is waiting, and apologize for being late.
Week 3
Lost Your Marbles Sweet Baby Inc. Lost Your Marbles is a charming visual novel where the roll of a marble makes all the difference. Join PROTA in this branching-narrative adventure as she makes her way through Pomegranate Village on a quest to find her lost dog MINTY and make it to the annual Festi-Ball before day's end.
Pick Pack Pup Nic Magnier,
Arthur Hamer,
and Logan Gabriel
Pick Pack Pup is a match-3 puzzle game where matches don't disappear immediately, making each new move trickier.
Week 4
Echoic Memory Samantha Zero Echoic Memory is a musical puzzle game that utilizes the player's own sensory memory and a playful twist of the crank. With two modes, its story mode explores the meaning of memories.
Flipper Lifter Serenity Forge Using the Playdate's crank, take penguins through hotels, construction zones, and even into space! But watch out for those pesky eagles who are always looking for their next meal.
Week 5
Demon Quest '85 Crooked Park You play an ordinary, everyday kid with ordinary, everyday problems. You also have a magical book for summoning demons from the lowest circles of Hell so that they can help you be more popular at school.
Omaze Gregory Kogos Omaze is a circular puzzle platformer. An ode to circles. A hint to the never ending struggle against the perceived enemy.
Week 6
Zipper Bennett Foddy Zipper is a tactics puzzle that recalls 8-bit isometric classics on the ZX Spectrum and MSX. A ridiculously swift swordsman seeks revenge on a castle full of enemies.
Hyper Meteor VERTEX POP YOU ARE LOST IN SPACE! ALL WEAPONS ARE DOWN! Survive by ramming your ship into meteors and hostile forces.
Week 7
Executive Golf DX davemakes In Executive Golf DX, live the ultimate dream of corporate advancement by golfing your way to the top of a procedurally generated office building.
Questy Chess Dadako Deep in an ever advancing computer, forgotten and unchanged, remains chess program v1. Peace is shattered by a software update! Can you stop the invading bytes before being overwritten?

Week 8
Saturday Edition Wild Rose Saturday Edition tells the story of John Kornfield, a security technician who made headlines in 1976 with his account of alien abduction, life on another world, and eventual return to earth. Ten years later, Kornfield once again finds himself the subject of public interest when a string of disappearances coincide with sightings of mysterious lights in the night sky.
Star Sled Panic Steer your lightning-fast Star Sled through multiple missions designed to test the reflexes of even the most dedicated space pilots! Encircle and capture life-giving Sparks with your Sled’s laser lariat while avoiding deadly Trion Sentries. Advance to the end and take on the Trion Emperor himself!
Week 9
Spellcorked Jada Gibbs,
Nick Splendorr,
and Ryan Splendorr
In this laid-back magical gig economy crafting game, you are a recently-graduated young witch trying to thrive in a digital age. With a bit of help and a lot of love, fulfill potion orders for people you never meet, and try to get the best reviews you can!
Inventory Hero Panic Inventory Hero is a frantically paced role-playing game where you leave the exploration and the monster battles to the computer so you can focus on the true meaning of adventure: managing your inventory.
Week 10
Snak stfj Snak is Snake plus jump.
Sasquatchers Chuck Jordan Sasquatchers is a turn-based tactical cryptozoology game. The player controls a team of fame-seeking scientist-influencers traveling through increasingly dark and creepy forest areas, trying to set up the best possible angles for photos and video of elusive cryptids.
Week 11
Battleship Godios TPM.CO SOFT WORKS Battleship Godios is a game with a high level of difficulty and trial & error gameplay that makes retrying inevitable. Use the limited number of bullets to break down battleships!
Forrest Byrnes: Up in Smoke Nels Anderson Join FORREST BYRNES to fight a malignant blaze threatening our sumptuous woodlands! CAN you save the wayward campers? Will you SEE the danger that stalks the forest? Only YOU can help Forrest stop this shameful waste!
Week 12
B360 Panic Frenetic brick-breaking action with a “revolution”-ary twist! Can you guide the crew of starship b360 safely home through a universe of treacherous space debris?
Ratcheteer Shaun Inman,
Matthew Grimm,
and Charlie Davis
Your master mechanic is abducted during some unplanned maintenance, setting off a lo-fi, top-down, action-adventure that finds the young Ratcheteer exploring the interconnected tunnels below the surface and a vast snowcean above to rescue friends, foes, and strangers alike.