Lost Your Marbles

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Lost Your Marbles logo
Released on 09/15/2021
Made by Sweet Baby Inc.
Download: Season One, Week 3
59.2 MB.

Lost Your Marbles is a charming visual novel where the roll of a marble makes all the difference. Join PROTA in this branching-narrative adventure as she makes her way through Pomegranate Village on a quest to find her lost dog MINTY and make it to the annual Festi-Ball before day's end.
-Lost Your Marbles' game page[1]

Lost Your Marbles is a game developed by Sweet Baby Inc.



The game is a visual novel, you make choices in the game by crashing your marble into thought lightbulbs using the crank. There are 9 different endings depending on your choices, so the game can be replayed for a new experience. Each game has 6 stages prior to a finale at the festi-ball.

There are three balls you can hit: Moon (bad), sun (good), and star (secret). The combination that you hit at each stage affects the ending that you see.


The game always starts out in Marbel's lab and then goes to the library. From the library, there are three different routes you can take. Those routes are taken by hitting: all moons, all stars, or any other outcome. In the end credits, the marked box indicates what selection you made for the level. The boxes are: (all moons) (any other combination) (all stars).

After the third stage, you always go to the ball museum. From the ball museum, there are three routes you can take by collecting all moons, all stars, or any other combination. Then you return to festi-ball.

The three route options after the library and the three route options after the ball museum combine for 9 different routes through the game. These routes correspond to 9 of the 10 endings. The tenth ending occurs when all other boxes are checked.

Marbel's Lab

The sun ball in the third stage is not reachable.

There is a secret exit in Marbel's Lab, hinted at in the credits by the two boxes for the stage. The secret exit is found in the second stage, when asked about rainfall. The upper right corner of the room is fake; by bouncing off of the star-lightbulb at the right angle you can go through the corner to find the second exit. To do so, you'll need to launch off of the left bump.




• David Bedard (Direction)
• Kim Belair (Writing)
• Will Herring (Art)
• Will Stacey (Design)
• Ayla Myers (Engineering)
• Neha Patel (Music & Sound)