Boogie Loops

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Boogie Loops
Boogie Loops logo
Release Date: Season 1, Week 2
Developers: May-Li Khoe
Andy Matuschak
Andres Velasquez
Download: As part of Season 1
Size: 2MB

The Unofficial Boogie Loops Manual

The Four Main Rows:

  1. Dancers: Press A and then Up/Down to select a dancing character
  2. Choreography: Press A to expand this section and then Press A and then Up/Down to change what dance moves the characters perform during that measure. The "grass" makes them sorta sway a bit, the "tissue" causes all of them to dab, a "salt shaker" makes them wiggle their butts - etc etc
  3. Melody & Bass: Press A to expand this section and then select a note and Press A to place a FISH to play a low note (the fish is a bass, get it). Press A twice to place a BIRD to play a higher note for your melody. Press A a third time to clear the note. (Note: You can also change the scale of what notes you play on the piano, see the helpful tips below for more information.)
  4. Drums: Similar to the piano roll but each row is a different drum sound. Up top is your kick drum, then snare, then hat, then shaker.

The Bottom Section

  • Play / Pause button: yep
  • Turtle / Rabbit - Tempo: Slow/speed up the tempo of your song
  • Middle Button - Live FX: Pulls up 3 D-PADS, press Up/Down/Left/Right to live-play different FX. Press B to change to a new D-PAD with different sounds.
  • Clock/Martini - Swing: Affects the "swing" of your song. The clock makes the drummer "play tight" and on time - whereas the martini "loosens" them up a bit and adds swing to your song.
  • Robot face - File Manager: Create a new song or duplicate, load, or delete an existing song

Helpful Tip 1

When on The Four Main Rows, Hold B and press Left/Right to jump 4 beats left or right. This helps move around faster. Also you can Tap B to play from the start of whatever measure your cursor is in.

Helpful Tip 2

Select piano row, then Press Left all the way to highlight the piano. Press A then Up/Down to change the scale of the notes you play!

Helpful Tip 3

It seems like the shortest song you can have is 4 measures. If you add even a single note to the fifth measure, an additional 4 measures will be added to your song length, etc. Looks like max song length is 32 measures long