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Every Playdate serves as a development kit - games and applications can be freely sideloaded onto the Playdate via connecting it to a PC via USB cable.

You can develop your own apps via using one of two methods - via the software development kit, or the Pulp browser-based game creator.

We maintain a list of sideloaded games and applications here on the wiki.


The Playdate SDK is freely downloadable for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and utilizes either Lua scripting or C based coding to create Playdate applications. It includes a simulator for the Playdate that can be used for testing in development applications.


Pulp is a browser-based game developer that can be used to create simpler, grid-based games, with its own included graphics, sound and font editors so that development never leaves the browser. Games can be downloaded as PDX files and loaded to the Playdate.

Other Resources

Caps is a utility used to create fonts for the Playdate, available freely through the SDK.

We maintain a list of developer resources on the wiki that contains free resources, tutorials and other useful tidbits for making your games.