Playdate Simulator

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Playdate Simulator
Playdate Simulator and components.
Release Date: 02/28/2022
Developers: Panic
Link: SDK

The Playdate Simulator is a piece of software included in the Playdate SDK that allows for simulation of a Playdate, using the mouse and keyboard to control it, a physical controller, or a connected Playdate. The Simulator can be used to transfer software to a physical Playdate, debug running Playdate software, and take screenshots and video of the running software. The software runs as fast as the computer controlling it will allow, meaning that it will often run games faster than a physical Playdate.


  • Controllable via multiple keyboard schemes, physical controllers or a Playdate connected via USB.
  • Can control the accelerometer and crank through a mouse-based interface.
  • Has a memory and time profiler for debugging.
  • Can record screenshots and video.
  • Has multiple zoom levels and a full screen mode.
  • Can highlight what parts of the screen update and/or sprite collisions.
  • Can send and launch software directly to a connected Playdate.


Download the SDK