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This is a page of upcoming games and applications not developed or published by Panic for the Playdate that have not yet released. If you're looking for those, go to Released Community Content. If a game has released, give it a page and add it to Released Community Content!

To add a game to this page, edit it, and use the template at the bottom of the page, copy and pasting when required. Make sure the template is the last thing on the page!

If a game is cancelled or one year past any form of communication, it may be removed from this page.


Daily Driver

Demo is already available.


Sparrow Solitaire

A feature-packed mahjong solitaire game with Playdate-specific features. Itch.io page coming soon.


Faraway Fairway

An adventurous golf game about exploring, reflecting and golfing.



An open world space exploration game by Zachary Snyder


Curry Rock

A lighthouse simulator.



Moonward, a Pulp medieval fantasy adventure.



Snake for the Playdate.

P-Racing race start.png


A Mode 7 racing game.


Valryon's unnamed Game


GloryFish's unnamed Game


ASCii Sports


Brickbreaker 2020

Brickbreaker from the original brickbreaker for Blackberry creator!

Mars after midnight.gif

Mars After Midnight

On Mars, after midnight, at the off-colony community support center.



Um, my esteemed colleagues, I present to you the Crankulator PD100. A calculator for the Playdate?


Wastebraver: A Tiny Survival Tale

Wastebraver is a rogue-like survival game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy hellscape. Explore a dynamic, randomly generated world where evils beyond imagination haunt your every footstep. Execute abominations and weave through insane encounters as you fight for what little remains of your broken world. In development for the Playdate and Steamdeck.



INFINITY WEEKS is an action-packed platform shooter. You can follow progress on the Twitter account @GamesYoshimi.



HatTrick is an action-adventure game where you explore an open overworld connecting multiple dungeons, caves, and other secrets. You play as a newly sprung-to-life Hat, who's not sure how he suddenly found himself alive, but he must make do to help a dear friend.


Zero Zero: Perfect Stop

A train simulator on Playdate! Uses the crank as a mascon! Very early in development right now. More details to come...

Reelistic seas.gif

Reel-istic Fishing

A fishing game for the Playdate! We don't get many of these oddly enough. Anyways, expect to catch plenty of fish, and HARPOON them straight out of the sky!!! Gameplay is similar to Ridiculous Fishing if you've ever played that.
Here's some more info... *ahem* *clears throat* *clears throat again for good measure* *coughs* *wheezes* okay! Here we go. In Reel-istic Fishing, you will collect various species of fish, in 5 different layers of the ocean, and befriend an odd shopkeep along the way! Upgrade your rod, line, hook, harpoon, and boat using the fish you've caught to progress the game! What may lie at the bottom of the sea? Only one way to find out.