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Resonant Tale logo
Released on September 12th 2023[1]
Made by Orange Thief
Download: Catalog -

Meet quirky characters and explore a pocket size puzzle box world in this no filler low combat classic handheld adventure, only on Playdate!
-Orange Thief's game page[2]

Resonant Tale is an action-adventure game by Orange Thief made in Pulp for the Playdate. The game launched simultaneously on Catalog and Itch on September 12th 2023. Version 1.1 was released on October 13th 2023.[3]


In Resonant Tale you'll play as the hooded adventurer Leit, waking up on a wave-washed beach in a mysterious new land. Explore the musically inspired world, befriend its unusual inhabitants, and discover your part in restoring the world to harmony. Beyond the sights, sounds and secrets of the surface four trap laden levels await, from escaping the depths of a castle dungeon to exploring an abandoned mountaintop temple. Wielding sword, arrows and bombs, will you discover all of the world's hidden treasures and reunite the sacred bells?[4]


Development started in March 2022[5] and was documented by orkn in a thread on the Playdate Developer Forum. The details of implementing several mechanics in PulpScript were discussed such as smooth player movement[6], the player warp animation[7], and stealth and randomised behaviour.[8]


All 30+ music tracks and all sound effects in Resonant Tale were composed by Rupert Cole and prominently feature leitmotifs[9]. The soundtrack is available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms.[10]


The game uses the D-pad and the A and B buttons, with occasional infrequent use of the crank. Crank usage, puzzles requiring precise timing, boss battles and player damage can all be disabled from the title screen.[11] The approach to accessibility and implementation of assist options in Pulp was discussed by developer orkn in a developer forum post.[12]


Damien McFerran of Time Extension called Resonant Tale "A Small But Perfectly Formed Zelda Homage" and gave the game a "great" score of 8/10.[13]


Resonant Tale won Outstanding Pulp Game of the Year, Best Adventure Game, and Outstanding Technical Achievement in a Pulp Game in The 2023 Playdate Community Awards.

In total Resonant Tale was nominated for eight awards:[14]

  • Best Soundtrack
  • Outstanding Visual Achievement Award in a Pulp Game
  • Best Adventure Game
  • Best Narrative Game
  • Accomplishment in Accessibility
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement in a Pulp Game
  • Outstanding Pulp Game of the Year
  • 2023 Playdate Game of the Year

Hints & Tips

An online hints page features general tips, frequently asked questions and a treasure map.

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