Reel-istic Fishing

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Reel-istic Fishing logo
Released on August 7th, 2023
Made by ToadleyUnderControl



Fishing gameplay is similar to Ridiculous Fishing, but with a different spin to make it work well on Playdate!

Control the hook by strafing left and right to catch (or avoid!) fish, and turn the crank to control the speed of your ascent. Keep an eye out for your line strength, and be careful not to catch too many fish and snap the line!

Upon reaching the surface, the fish will fly into the sky, and the harpooning phase will begin.

During harpooning, you will fire your harpoon in a straight line from your boat, and skewer fish! Hit multiple fish in one shot to multiply their value.


When not fishing, you'll be travelling on the open waters of the Reel-istic Seas! From here you can visit your home, the shop, or the tutorial.


In the shop, you can talk to the friendly shopkeep Bubbles! You can buy equipment upgrades from the shopkeep to improve your hook strafe, reel speed, or even take you deeper into the ocean.


  • The magnet hook is magnetic, and will pull in nearby fish!
  • There is a secret pong game mode involving the combination of a hook and a tackle.


  • Development began early January 2023.
  • The original release window was for February, but scope creep pushed this to August! This game is a lot bigger than originally planned.
  • There was never meant to be a storyline!
  • While out on the open sea, there is a 1/3,000,000 every frame to spawn a cow.

Other Appearances

Oa art.jpg

Reel-istic Fishing exhibit in the August 2023 ARTtOO gallery!

Oa dnd.png

Unlockable fish hat in Dungeons and Doggos!


Angler's hat in SUPER PONGMATIC 2300!

Oa rowbot.jpg

Bubbles the shopkeep is seen in the crowd in a RowBot Rally cutscene!

Accessibility: Reel-istic Fishing features crank alternatives (except for boat paddling - but the paddling segment can be toggled off), money multipliers for adjustable game length, and an option to turn all fish into fruits/vegetables/nuts.