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About Joyrider3774

My name is Willems Davy also known as joyrider3774, i have been fascinated by and trying to develop games ever since i was a child. I have made games for linux handheld devices like the gp2x, canoo, dingoo a320 as well as some small games for windows, the nintendo switch using Fuze4switch and Playdate.

Playdate Games By Joyrider3774

Puztrix logo
Released on 2023-12-30
More info
Checkers logo
Released on 2023-12-21
More info
Dynamate logo
Released on 2023-12-02
More info
Retrotime logo
Released on 2023-11-08
More info
Puzzleland logo
Released on 2023-10-30
More info
Rubido logo
Released on 2023-08-06
More info
Blockdude logo
Released on 2023-07-29
More info
Formula 1 Game & Watch logo
Released on 2023-01-06
More info
Waternet logo
Released on 2023-01-05
More info

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