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Official Accessories

Panic have developed 2 official accessories. You may also use a lanyard in the corners of the Playdate itself.

Playdate Cover


A cute, clean way to protect your Playdate. The Playdate Cover aligns with Playdate's screws and secures itself magnetically. Plus, when folded, it looks like a delicious electronic ice cream sandwich.

Playdate Stereo Dock

Playdate dock.png

The Playdate Stereo Dock is a stereo Bluetooth® speaker charges your Playdate, holds your pen and looks great on your desk.

Unofficial Accessories


Playdate Magnetic Case from Waterfield is a case that can hold your Playdate and charging cable together. The case is made out of leather and canvas and features a soft plush interior. The case is able to magnetically open and close.

Brick Wall 3D printed Case


Playdate handmade leather cover is a magnetic cover alternative for the playdate. Unlike the official cover, the crank can not be used while the cover is attached.


Due to the official Stereo dock still not being out yet, many users have come up with their own charging dock to plug in their console, similar to a SteamDeck or Nintendo Switch. These docks are often 3D printed and will make it so that the console can be charged while sitting in the Dock.


There have been a variety of grips have been made for the Playdate using the dimensions provided by Panic. These grips have been made using 3D printing and range from flat to curved.

Comfort Grip


This is a list of items that can't quite fit a category above or are unique in its own way.