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PuzzleLand logo
Released on 2023-10-30
Made by Joyrider3774
Download: Itch.io
28 MB

Puzzle Land is a remake of the gameboy game Daedalian opus also known as puzzle road in japan. The gameplay and levels are the same but the graphics, music sounds have changed. It's a puzzle game with 36 levels. It is a tribute to a game i spend endless hours playing as a child.

Playdate Game Features

  • 36 Levels
  • Faithfull Gameboy game Remake
  • Autosaves progress

Playing the Game

The aim of the game, is to solve the puzzles in any puzzle room with the pieces you are given by moving the pieces into place such that the predefined shape is completely filled.


Button Action
Dpad or Crank Select menu's, options. During gameplay move the selector hand around.
A Confirm in menu. During gameplay select a puzzle piece
B Back in menu. During gameplay HOLD the button then press Dpad up to rotate the puzzle piece, Dpad left to flip the puzzle piece vertically and Dpad right to flip the puzzle piece horizontally