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RetroTime logo
Released on 2023-11-08
Made by Joyrider3774
34 MB

RetroTime is a game containing 8 retro based games playable in 3 game modes being Retro Carousel, Time Attack and Lives mode. The game is a port from my SDL2 version of the competition entry for Fuze 4 for Nintendo switch, in collaboration Wireframe magazine.

Game Modes

The games can be played in 3 game modes

Retro Carousel Mode

In Retro Carousel mode you will play all games for 2 minutes after each other. You can not die by losing lives. Points will be deducted from the score when dying. The aim is to get the highest score, accumulated over all the games.

Lives Mode

In Lives mode you play a single game and start with a fixed amount of lives. Dying will lose you one live. The game is over if the lives reaches 0. The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible without dying.

Time Attack

In Time Attack mode you play a single game for 5 minutes. You can not die by losing lives. Points will be deducted from the score when dying. The aim is to get the highest score during these 5 minutes of playing.


There are 8 retro based games implemented in this game


Invaders is a game based on Space Invaders (Arcade). Rows of enemies are closing in you. You have to shoot them down before they reach your mining asteroids. Shooting down enemies gains points, shooting down all enemies gains extra points. You can move with dpad and shoot with (A). If enemies reach your mining asteroids you will lose a life. Avoid being shot or you will also lose a life.

Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker is a game based on Breakout (Arcade). Rows of blocks have to be destroyed by touching them with the ball. You control the paddle at the bottom of the screen with the dpad. Keeping (A) pressed speeds up the paddle. You have to let the ball bounce of your paddle to send it back in the playfield. Destroying blocks gains points. Fail to bounce back the ball and you lose a life.


Toady is a game based on Frogger (Arcade). You control the pet by the dpad and you have to keep moving up. Each time you move up to a place you had not reached yet, you will gain points. Avoid getting hit by traffic, don't fall into water, don't exceed the edges of the playfield or you will lose a life. Collect different fruit to gain extra score.


Snakey is a game based on well snake (Nokia 3310). You control a snake's head (red block) by the dpad. The snake can move in four directions and wants food (green blocks). Each time you eat food the snake's body will grow. Eat food to gain points, the longer your snake is to more points you will gain. Touching the snake's body or going outside the playfield will lose you a life.

Bubble Buster

Bubble Buster is a game based on Pang (Arcade). You control a player that needs to pop bubbles. You can control the player using the dpad and shoot at bubbles using (A) button. If you hit a bubble it will split up into smaller bubbles and you gain points. Get hit by a bubble and you will lose a life, making you temporary invincible but you can not shoot during this time. Clearing all bubbles gives you extra points.

Block Stacker

Block Stacker is a game of tetris. You control the blocks with the dpad. You need to stack them in such a manner that they form complete rows. Once this is done that row will be removed. Speed increases gradually and having no place at the top to place a block will lose you a life. You can rotate blocks using (A).

Color Invasion

Color Invasion is a game based on Ram-It (Atari 2600). You control the cannon with the dpad. You need to shoot the invading colored bars completely of the screen using (A). Points are awarded when the color bar is completely of the screen, the closer a bar had gotten to the cannon the more points you will gain. You also gain extra points for clearing all bars from the screen. When a colored bar reaches the cannon rail you will lose a life.

Faster Dave

Faster Dave is a game based on Fast Eddie (Atari 2600). You control Dave with the dpad. You need to avoid or jump over enemies with the (A) button while collecting the magic balls. When you collect 9 balls the end level key is reachable. You are safe on ladders. Points are received for collecting magic balls and getting the end level key. Collecting the 10th magic ball is not required. When you touch an enemy you will a lose life. Every 5 levels, level layout changes.


The game supports highscore submitting using QR Codes. If you have achieved a new highscore on retrocarousel mode a QR code will appear that you can scan using your phone and then submit it to the leaderboards site


Button Action
Dpad or Crank Directional movement of the player, making selections in the menu's.
A Confirming in menus, the main game action.
B Back in menus, Pause menu ingame.


The game makes uses of multiple payed and free assets packs, see the page for details.

Warning The Project's code is MIT but the assets are not, they all use different licenses, some are free some are Creative Commons and some i even payed for and can only be used with my project. so you can not re-use those as you wish.