The S.Sterling Co.

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The S.Sterling Co. logo
Released on 6-5-2022
Made by @L0RDANGUS

Welcome to the office at The S.Sterling Company! We have three rambunctious cats living here and they all like to have adventures.

In this game you will play as the three office cats Annie, Charlie, and Foster during a slow day at the office.

Charlie: He loves treats and he loves being taken outside.

Annie: She loves food, and I mean LOVES food.

Foster: He's shy, but likes to crawl into spaces he's not supposed to and go on adventures.

Each of the three levels should take about 10 to 15 mins to complete, and the game will save after you complete each level.

I hope you enjoy this little game I made with my co-workers. It's my first game, and I had a blast making something for the Playdate.