The Legend of Zolt

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The Legend of Zolt logo
Released on 11/04/2022
Made by UMSD1
323 kB

You are Zolt! Progress through this retro-inspired action adventure game and complete the dungeon of 12 rooms and beat the boss in a record time. Your playtime and the number of deaths are recorded via auto save ! You can play in French or English.

The project started April 11th of 2022, and I worked 74hours on it (about 7-8hrs a day) to get here using only Playdate Pulp. All of the room designs are finished, but I steel need to new AI or to program puzzles of rooms 7, 9 and 12.

My current goal is to finish this dungeon. Once I finish it, I want to keep supporting the game, but I am only doing that during my free time as a hobby so I can't because it takes a lot of time.. if this game sells, I would like to add 3 other (bigger) dungeons and a "Final Boss".