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This page lists resources that are available for free to help you with developing games on Playdate - everything from free assets, libraries to extend Playdate's capabilities, or tutorials to help you get up to speed.


IDE Integrations


  • AnimatedSprite: Extends Playdate's sprite capabilities.
  • Playdate Aseprite Palettes: An Aseprite extension giving you palettes representing Playdate's 1-bit colour palette.
  • GFXP Lib GFXP is a small library with a collection of patterns for Playdate.
  • Panels Build scrolling interactive comics for the Playdate console.
  • Noble Engine The Playdate SDK is probably the most user-friendly console SDK ever made, but if you're familiar with state/scene-based game engine frameworks like Unity, Flixel, Citrus, or others, you may be looking for a library that can get your game "on its feet,” extend existing APIs, offer new features, or provide more intuative ways to leverage the SDK in your game.
  • Cotton If you are a relatively new developer coming from Pulp, this framework will make the jump a little easier. With most of the function of Pulp + a LDtk preconfigured, making your games will be easy!
  • Roomy-Playdate A scene management library based on the popular Love library
  • pdParticles A simple, free particles library for Playdate
  • glitterbomb Based on the Unity particle system, an easy-to-use library for creating particle emitters. Supports animated particles and physics-based movement.
  • playbit: Build cross-platform Playdate games with Lua, create build scripts, and utilize preprocessor macros!


June: June is a multilingual, high-resolution bitmap font with some playful curves and distinctive letterforms, inspired by portable game fonts of the 00's.


  • Dithering Oven: Great 1 Bit Image Dithering tool
  • Jsfxr: Jsfxr is an online 8 bit sound maker and sfx generator. All you need to make retro sound effects with jsfxr is a web browser
  • GFXP Pattern Editor v2: A simple browser tool for creating new patterns and a large library of ready-made ones. Now with the ability to create your own library.
  • LDtk importer: A tool to import tilemaps made in LDtk

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