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Puztrix logo
Released on 2023-12-21
Made by Joyrider3774
Download: Itch.io
13 MB

Puztrix is a remake of the Gravnic game from inside the NES Puzznic game.

Playdate Game Features

  • 80 levels of the original game
  • Level editor to create your own levels and level packs
  • High score saving and submitting for the original levels
  • ability to turn music & sound on/off

Playing the Game

In each level there are a number of blocks that needs to be removed from the board. You can do this by moving all blocks in one of the four directions, any same kind of block touching each other will be removed. The level is done when all of the blocks are removed. Each level also has a predefined maximum number of amount of moves you can make and you get 5 retries to complete levels. Once all retries have been used it is Game Over and you'll have to start a new game.

Level editor

There is a level editor included with the game which allows you to create your own levels and level packs which you could potentially share with other playdate players. You can not change the original levels but you can create your own level pack by first choosing "new pack" in the level editor and then choosing "add level" and then "edit" to start creating your level. You place a block using (A) and you go back to the level editor menu by pressing (B). Block selection is done using the crank and to erase a block you need to select the X tile. You can add up to 99 levels per pack and while editing a level you can also test a level by choosing "play". You can choose how many moves are allowed in level by using the "inc moves" / "dec moves" options. There are also convenience options like "clear level" to clear a level of all blocks, "del pack" to delete a complete level pack, "del level" to delete the currently selected level etc. Don't forgot the choose "save pack" if you want to save your changes you have done as leaving the level editor without first doing so will make you loose all changes made. The level editor can only be used on the playdate itself and not on any other platform as currently there are no crank simulated controls implemented and you will not be able to select a different block in the level editor.


Button Action
Dpad Select menu's and options. Choose a direction for all blocks to move in game mode. Move selector in level editor.
A Confirm in menu's, placing or erasing a block in level editor, give up level in game.
B Back in menus and game (to title screen).
Dpad or Crank Select different block or eraser (X block) in the level editor.


  • Puztrix for Playdate is created by Willems Davy.
  • 80 original "levels" from Gravnic in Puzznic Nes Game.
  • Graphics made using Gimp
  • Sounds made using SFXR.
  • Music was created by, radiance of iris - 1996, Taken from the modarchive.