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Example Projects

  • Platformer: A basic project with added gravity so it handles like a platformer.
  • Dynamic Path Generator: Are you just as tired as me of endlessly creating separate tiles and place them in the correct order to make a path? This project shows a single tile that just does all of that for you!


  • Aseprite script: Export multi-tile animations to Pulp
  • Pulp Import Script Prepares an image or QR code for importing into Pulp, including tile chunking and transforming color to black & white.
  • Dithering Oven: Great 1 Bit Image Dithering tool.
  • Pulp Mill A Pulp-to-Lua converter which is designed to provide significant performance gains to pulp games.
  • Pulp+ A Chrome extension to extend Pulp with some extra features!
  • PulpScript Syntax A Visual Studio Code extension providing syntax highlighting for PulpScript.