Life’s Too Short

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Life’s Too Short logo
Released on 2022-May-03
Made by Olliecoe

In Life's Too Short, you take on the role of a celestial marriage councilor as you're tasked with repairing a rift between two vampires who have dramatically fallen out and confined themselves to their respective coffins...

You'll need to explore the mansion, meet various spooky characters and solve simple puzzles in order to put the mansion back together and mend the rift in the vampires' relationship!

Please note: The game does not have a save function (Because I can't figure it out yet...) but I'm hoping that as you progress and learn the puzzle solutions that if you need to come back you can quickly whip back through...

Also, please be gentle with any bugs that might arise! I'll be adding updates as and when these come up.


- V1.1: Update to the ending music

- V1.2: Small gameplay tweaks

Early reviews & kind comments:

- “Well , I like it!” Abbie (Ollie’s partner)

- "Life’s Too Short was really really good. It’s reminds me of Maniac Mansion." Seacreak

- "Short but charming. Worth a look." Callmesteam

- "Absolutely loved it. Great puzzles and comedy." SideScrollFrank

- "Played and completed it this evening, great game! My favourite non-season title to date." vimto_boy

- "This game was a lot of fun! It really reminds me of one of my favorite games, Hugo's House of Horrors." hmhrex


- SquidGodDev for teaching me most of what I know about Pulp (

- Ben Perry (Beanpear) for the awesome ending music

- Abbie for coming up with the name (And some decent ideas)

- Everyone who helped test the game and give feedback

- The Playdate Discord community for being awesome

- Neven for being the awesomeist