Formula 1 Game & Watch

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Formula 1 Game & Watch logo
Released on 2023-01-06
Made by Joyrider3774
150 KB

Formula 1 Game & Watch is a small, fictive formula 1 game & watch style lcd game with high score keeping. The Game was initially created over a decade ago for a small retrogame competition, after which it got ported to the gp2x. This version is based on the gp2x version but with added high score saving and optional crank controls for the playdate version.

Playing the Game

The aim of the game, is to avoid hitting other traffic coming down the screen, you do this by moving your car on the bottom left or right.


Button Action
Dpad or Crank Move Player car left or right, crank can also start a game by rotating it
A or B Start a new game at the boot or gameover screen