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Comet logo
Released on In Development
Made by Team Comet
Unknown Size

  • Unearth the secrets of an island & it’s fascination with the comet
  • Solve puzzles
  • Talk to island inhabitants
  • Find your brother!

What Happens When a Sleepy Island is Rocked by a Comet?

When her brother goes missing after a comet fragment hits, Stella has to overcome her fear of the dark and venture out of her village into the unknown to find him.


Why is a little fishing village so captivated by the annual flyover of a comet?

Are the strange phenomena on the island related to the comet?

And how does Stella's path become intertwined with it all?


Tonight, not everything is as ordinary as it seems.

Let the Light Guide Your Path

Stella’s fear of the dark won’t stop her from finding her brother.

After night falls, use the Playdate's crank to control your lantern. Adjust the intensity of your lantern to solve light-based puzzles and navigate your way through the darkness.


Pick up a lantern and answer the call to adventure. Explore different regions of the island, solve puzzles, and talk to new characters in search of Stella's brother Mars.

Along the way you’ll gather clues from a swathe of strange characters, discover bizarre phenomena, and you might even find some hidden treasures along the way.


A soothing soundtrack accompanies Stella's journey, composed by Kyle "Tripletritone" McAuliffe.

Team Comet