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Bíotópico logo
Released on 2022-jun-04
Made by Everyday Lemonade
Download: itch.io
10 MB

Description from itch.io page:

Bíotópico (bee-oh-toh-pea-ko) is the first and only breath exercise game designed specifically for the Playdate™ system.

Focus on breath practice as a daily ritual with your Playdate Gather Oxygen and use it to plant (real!) trees [Coming Soon] Collect unique and rare seeds [Coming Soon] Plant to restore balance across 7 distinct biotopes [Coming Soon] Maintain your soil and sunlight to optimize growth [Coming Soon] Cultivate and harvest ripe plants [Coming Soon] Collect unique and rare seeds through breath practice Wait. . . The Breath As Gameplay? Absolutely! Intentional breath focus, even in short sessions, has numerous physical and cognitive benefits. Our focus is on reminding the player that taking that moment to breathe feels good, both in the context of the gameplay moment and more generally.

In addition to its full-scale breath and meditation features, Bíotópico will also integrate micro-exercise breath practice directly into the gameplay flow in future iterations.

Grow Yourself, Grow A Tree Our breath intrinsically links us to the ecological life cycle of plants, through oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This is one of the reasons we've picked biotopes as the theme and gameplay focus.

In Bíotópico, players can grow real trees using the Oxygen resource that is produced from their breath practice. We’re partnering with OneTreePlanted.org to plant a physical tree on the player’s behalf each time a digital tree is grown.

We’re committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of this game’s development time, and this is one facet of that effort. It also gives the player a small amount of external motivation, which is sometimes all it takes to launch a healthy routine.

Why the Playdate? Good question. We love that the Playdate allows for intentional focus on a single experience. It’s convenient, purposeful, delightful, and restorative; everything we hope Bíotópico can be. The unique built-in crank inspires a ton of creative use allowing for unique practice types, and its tiny form factor makes it easy to keep nearby all the time. We think starting a routine of breath practice is right at home with Playdate.

If you don't own a Playdate you are interested in playing the game on your PC/Mac (without access to the console's adorable crank...), please download the Playdate SDK, install it, and then open the downloadable .PDX file at the bottom of this page. Please note that this SDK tool is meant for game development, and isn't optimized or ideal for actually playing games with.