Yellow Square Jam

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Yellow Square Jam logo
Released on 2024-10-01
Made by Hosted by Grhmhome
14 entries

Yellow Square Jam was a game jam where people had one month to make a game for the Playdate. A small, yellow, handheld console with a pop-out crank giving developers a brand new way to control their games. Learn more at

The prize people were competing for was a Playdate handheld and other smaller prizes. There was no theme.

The winners were:

  1. What The Crow by: Lumicreative. Won the grand prize.
  2. Ware-is-Hare by: Voxy
  3. Easy Godding by: Alex May
Caption text
Game Developer Link
What The Crow?! Lumi
War-is-Hare Voxi
Easy Godding Alex May
Piece-by-piece Powerdive Games
Suddenly Bird FevGames
Maki Maker Dominik Haas
Raise The Flag Mike Suszek
Foot Cats and Dogs Juice Lizard
Super Icarus Gingerbeardman
Kobo & Kebi jerzybartoszewicz
Vacuum Greystargames
Crystal Daze Scribe
Palm Reader Not-Only But-Also
Angel Pop Demo n-n-n-n