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Released on 2022-04-24
Made by Anton "garyyo" Vinogradov
Download: itch.io
48 kB

A port of an old "game" I made when I was bored at work. Which can be found here.

This is a simple game where the goal is to reach (or even exceed) the target score shown in the top right of the game screen. Points are scored when there is a row or column of same "colored" tiles present. Tiles should be used multiple times to reach the maximum score, see the demo gif for an example. The score breakdown is shown at the right side underneath the score, and explains what all of the matches are.

Featuring revolutionary "actually utilizing the menu button" menu system, and the "created in a single weekend" development style, this game offers many minutes of great family friendly fun. Includes over 56 unique levels (57), 3 decent "color" palettes (and 1 completely useless random palette), and instructions with almost too many words to fit on the screen (but not enough to actually fully explain the gameplay). All for the low price of completely free, with a joke suggested price of $4.20 which is my grandfather's birthday, he is a cool dude, love you Grandpa.

Looking for a better name for this project, alternative scoring methods, and any other improvements. Feel free to leave comments with suggestions.

All sounds made using https://sfxr.me/