Super High School Sports Day Crankathlon

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Super High School Sports Day Crankathlon logo
Released on December 6th, 2022
Made by digikerot.
2 MB

Crank It Till You Make It... To The Finish Line!

It's Sport Day at the prestigious St Thompsons High School for Girls, and that most prestigious event at all school sports days in the space year of 2057 is the dreaded Crankathlon - Nine gruelling (and largely easy to program in the space of a weekend) events that really puts it's participants to the test!


This game won all categories in PlayJam 2.

Development info

The game recieved a extensive postmortem post on the 13th of December 2022. ChatGPT summarizes this postmortem as follows:

The game was created by an individual who wanted to create a new game in a relatively short amount of time. In order to save time, the developer decided to reuse code from a previous game and create new character sprites from scratch. The game includes multiple events, each of which is defined as a class. This allows the developer to easily switch between events within the code.

The game also has several layers of sprites for the background, including clouds, buildings, and a wall. The wall sprite is designed to create a parallax effect, which gives the illusion of depth in the game. The game also includes a class for the player character, which includes a running animation. This animation consists of four different cycles, depending on the character's running speed. Overall, the game was designed to be visually appealing and easy to code.