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Shuv-It logo
Released on 2022-apr-07
Made by theinfinitestar

Description from page:

Made as a week-long solo game jam, Shuv-It is a minimalist puzzle game for the Playdate where you must collect all of the coins and reach the exit within a set move limit. Each maze has a set of tiles that will restrict your directional movement; at your disposal are switch boxes, which will allow you to control these tiles in unique ways.

Think carefully about which moves to make and in what order—not every path leads to where you want to be, and opening some paths may close off others. Designed and developed by 💁‍♀️Audrey Gu using 🕹Playdate Pulp! Retrospective devlogs about the project are forthcoming—stay tuned ^^


  • Hypnotic rotating coins
  • Working level select
  • 3 unique tile types
  • 10 levels, including a bonus challenge stage!